Sunday, June 17, 2012

4th of the 2nd

Today went well actually. Yes it’s true that yesterday I was all freaked out thinking about the possible outcomes of my limited hard work last semester, but thank god things turn out well. My pointer looks more fabulous than a pair of Chanel boots and I’m very much satisfied with the hike it has shown. Guess what? Wishing my dad for father’s day with the news gave me and of course him the best  feeling ever. You know like the flying without wings sensation? Something like that.
something like this......
Ok that's not flying! 
Ignore Ignore

Don’t think the first day of my 4th semester ended only with one happy scene! In class, I came to know about the sleep-inducing courses we are about to face everyday. Science of course made me cringe of fear, Art of Teaching with all the singing and performing, the complicated most ‘Grammar’, Writing, some technology related thingy and my favorite English Literature!!! I’m looking forward to have fun with all of them but reality check, I WON’T, so I better enjoy the free time I have now before the assignments get piled up and piss me to the max.

Ok let’s do the usual now. You all should have known how I begin every semester, with a new hobby or activity. I took up fashion blogging, reading and a few other stuffs ,like this. Yea I can’t deny that it’s like on and off and not continuous but I’m so glad that I ventured and tried all the aforementioned. This semester, I’m planning to get more academical than ever. (If you believe! ) I want to read one of Shakespeare’s famous play on my own. Well, I have done Julius Caesar when I took Literature In English for my SPM, I managed to flip thru Hamlet since my sister took the same subject for STPM, and not to forget Macbeth during my foundation year but these accomplishments came as the result of guidance. After establishing such a great bond and admiration for the legend’s penning, I choose to independently read and interpret. Oh did I mention the play is Othello? A tragedy shading under the theme of jealousy with lotsa symbolisms ( how I love the hidden-meanings). 

That’s pretty much about my new undertaking. As for this new semester, I wish it will be kind to me by showering easy works and more and more leisure till even my bed gets sick of me. 

Renuka G