Monday, June 11, 2012

Stacking and My Birkin Dream

Well I was browsing thru my Facebook I came across this. I just can't exactly describe what my feelings were like but honestly they weren't at all stable.

Oh if you think it's because I can't get one, sorry babe you're sure to be wrong. Of course I'm all allowed to get a Gucci or Givenchy. Or perhaps more like a Prada to be realistic. (Gucci and Givenchy would make my next three generations feed on potatoes and bananas.) The truth is I was driven furious!

To be more clear, I hate to see good bags stacked up like they are fruits and vegetables at the market. Some respect please! Promotions makes even the best bags look ugly, so why bother doing it with big names. My heart drops and repositions and then throbs real bad seeing exquisite bags treated equivalent to a grocery item. And that somehow act as total turn off which doesn't allow a second look at those degraded arm candies.

Why take away their reputation in the name of promotion? Why stack like an idiot? Why oh why people?

Place them where they belong! On the shelves, under the lights.

The ad certainly speaks great luxury and designer brands like Burberry and my favorite Kate Spade, prickly though, if the presentation of these bags are a mess, people will just be able to cringe at the price tag and not awe the details of the fashion buy. I hope they would find a way to do it right.

But whatever it is, I'm not going nor purchasing anything at the mentioned event. Come on, I'm looking for my first luxury bag and that's not going to be one hand picked from a promotion! Not happening. Yes I do sound like a complete vain pot, yet it doesn't matter. I'm not settling for anything less than perfect when it comes to my arm candy. So for now, Mango would do.

Let's just wait and see what's my meant-to-be first luxury label.

But if you were to ask me, I would like a Birkin. In all different colours. Red, orange, green, yellow. I would perfectly match them according to my shoes. Classic and totally classy! Then,I would add Birkin as my middle name. People can call me Renuka Birkin Gunasekaran or RB. Totally cool! And I would be the one and only girl to own a Hermes birkin in the huge state of Terengganu and get married to a Datuk and eventually become a datin.

Big time dream....but you will never know :-p

P.S Reporting a slight twist in the plan. A hermes birkin bag costs nearly 10 000 MYR, so I have decided to not get my hands on it till the one fine day 'Datuk' comes along on a shiny silvery horse and takes me to the fashion kingdom for a shopping spree on my birthday.
Which is also equally impossible!
Oh my Birkin..

(this post was created on 8th June 2012, so please ignore my tenses)

Renuka G