Friday, June 8, 2012

Much hated M

Macaroons. What's with macaroons that drove me insane a few days ago? Why am I treating them with much hatred? In fact I don't feel like myself anymore. I'm not a hateful person! But why these innocent cream filled treats pushing me in all the wrong ways?

Well that's a lil too dramatic!

Being my normal self I confess, I'm not into macaroons and the conclusion was made right after a bite and two chews. First of all, why are some people talking so fondly of these button-like baked confection like some huge discovery in the baking world. I rather take in 5 slices of Oreo cheese cake and throw up than nibbling on just one of the mentioned. And even worse they are selling it for a good 3.50MYR each at Delifrance. To further worsen the worse, I bought two!

Can you believe that? Two? Seriously renuka? Two???? Which means for 7 MYR?

I could have bought .....what for 7? ... Hmmm something perhaps.

The story goes like this, I was sitting there with two macaroons of different flavors and took one dreadful-view-changing-bite. First thought, ' Worst thing ever!' However since I was sitting with my dad and being aware that confessing the 'retail' remorse would make him laugh at my bakery shopping choices, I made an expression as if they were the best thing I've ever tasted. My smart brain quickly convinced me to further trick my dad into eating the other one. Unfortunately he was smarter to not believe and that rewarded me another mouthful of an extremely-sweet-nauseating-delight. The end.

What a disappointing try!

somewhere in my thoughts* If macaroons from Delifrance tasted that bad, how does the one at Giant, Kuala Terengganu tastes? God save the shoppers of terengganu.

All I can and want to say is I never hated anything except cats this much. The taste was clearly too lousy and not at all worth the fame it has earned. You can see them everywhere to be honest. Even in Gossip girl season 5, in one too-hard-to-remember episode, eaten by Blair ! Can you see the influence? By Blair?? Man.

Hmm blimey, nearly all the bakeries around the world worship them like a new profit goddess . 3.50 for that 1 inch mini burger? Oh come on, I know it's not the Great Depression period anymore but still it's a lil too very much people ( intended grammatical error).

And ya please don't get tricked into buying the all-ill-tasting-flavors-in-a-box-combo! (you would thank me for this warning, trust me :))

Oh well some of macaroon fans out there might attack me argue, 'you picked the wrong flavor!' Dear bunnies, the two flavors I tested were caramel and chocolate. Ok caramel can be considered wrong but can anything of chocolate taste less better? Chocolate is the king of all flavors and claiming chocolate macaroon a wrong choice might make your case all wonky. So, please surrender!

Macaroons suck!

To all bakers around the world, please invent a new confection that can sweep macaroons completely off the bakery shelves. I wish I could help but I guess you guys are on your own now (like they were not yesterday, duh) . Do your very best . I will always stay as your backbone and keep tasting your baked efforts wherever I am, from whichever continent and provide the sincere most feedbacks at all times  . All hail bakers!

Btw did that last paragraph serve any justice?

Thank you

Yours sincerely
A much committed macaroon hater
Renuka G (Whose name not to be revealed )