Thursday, June 21, 2012


The one thing harder to resist than Gerard butler I should admit cravings, especially for food. This intense desire to consume a certain variety of food drives many crazy while stacking a few pounds to those drop-dead curves. Deadly uh? But if you were to say you can slam the door against it, you either deserve a salute or perhaps an addition of, liar to your CV. 

Salty, Sugary and Fatty are the 3 deadly variation of food cravings which trigger our happy hormones and compliments extra kJs on the treadmill the next moment muffin-top decorates our washboard abs.

Girls all over the world I should say, are able to hate and at the same time secretly enjoy food cravings like gossips they share in their grapevines. 

Moving on to the main cause, people often blame, its all in the head. Researches and of course some of us ,exclusive of me for sure, claim the mental imagery of certain type of food is what induces this self-destructive desire. Adding further, the more vivid the images formed, the more intense the craving gets. However, the truth behind the aforementioned is of course, thankfully, questionable. To prevent us from trying all sort of meditations and techniques to gain mental strength, the rest of the expert-bunch have suggested a far more soothing cause. They have indeed proved food craving to be the siren indicating the lack of body nutrients. Further simplifying it, we crave because we don't consume enough of a particular nutrient. So,the next time you crave, make sure you scream 'What the hell have I done to my body?' 

Hey don't think I'm kidding or trying to provide support as you self-loathingly weep standing on your weighing scale. Trust me that's not the case. Craving for diet vices is really an indication that your meals may be missing vital nutrients.

A salt craving might be a sign that you are dehydrated. If this sensation baits you particularly after your work out session, then a few glasses of water is a must. Apart from keeping you boosted, regrets and fats which tags along as a result of munching on a bag of potato chips can be saved for good.

The one craving that kills and hard most to resist is of sugar. When your hand itches to reach for the confections, be alarmed that your body now  cries for either more lean protein or carbohydrates. To stave off and survive this tricky hunger, stick to protein sources like fish and egg-whites. Yes you are also allowed to appease your sweet-tooth with  healthy sugary treats like granola bars or perhaps dark chocolate. 

Indulging in the sea of fatty food can be heavenly but the longing sensation for this type can be an indicator denoting your body's need for, of course, fat. No, don't panic! Fats are of 2 types, good ones and the bad, pain-in-the-neck type. Here let's stick to the goodie good version of it.  To your relief, nuts can come for rescue in this case. 

Well since I have now made 'craving' a subject to be attended to and not a road to indulgence or ruin, don't cringe the next time your body sends you those signals. Instead, treat your body well by fulfilling its' requests in a humble manner and in the right proportions. 

Bottom line? Crave, consume, trigger those happy hormones it's OK but never fill your waistlines! That is the ultimate rule!

Renuka G