Monday, June 25, 2012

Never too late

I completely turned off updates about my personal life for sometime, but now it feels fair enough to give it a dust.

People say, life has its own way of moulding you, which is indeed very true. And I'm thankful that I gave myself a chance at this.

I have always seen the obstacles placed in front of me as an opportunity to learn, thus, letting me truly be my own self throughout the chaos. Now that I have witnessed and personally felt a handful of tragedies and failures, staying true to who I am,  once again I came to believe in the mighty power of time.

It immaculately mesmerized me in such intricate ways, so hard to grasp yet too real to deny. Time convinced me how things will finally fall into place. The same power opened my eyes towards looking at the positive side of things and not always stay awing at the proverbial greener grass on the other side. And the most important one would be, how it made me so resilient in facing life and the baggage it brings in.

I'm not aware how many of you would dare to risk being at the lowest point of your life to experiment your own strength. Well I did. I made the wrong decisions consciously knowing it would land me in trouble, giving myself a chance to learn to put myself together when my heart shatters. As foreshadowed, history repeated itself but since I'm here and dare to write about it, you can pretty much conclude I pulled through the arduous hitch. It was a mere leap of faith yet without a doubt, I learnt a lot, mostly concerning people, love, and how fragile some hearts could be, setting aside the difference between mistakes and habits which got me fear-struck throughout the whole fiasco .

No regrets though. Character-building, I choose to regard it as.

totally =p
Apart from eluding the trap depression set forth, I managed to discover the importance of staying patient and thinking twice in decisions which directly affects others. Some events also gave me faith upon the art of prioritizing  and convinced me, I can always shape my life without bending too much to the obligations of fate and of course people.

And this is for you,

He that is robbed, not wanting what is stol'n,
Let him not know’t, and he’s not robbed at all. (Othello 3.3.352-353)

Renuka G