Friday, June 8, 2012

What an irony..

Before I even begin, can eating cheese and egg everyday cause any life threatening disease? If yes, please pray for me.

Well today I would like to talk about courage. I remember a few weeks ago I received a heart breaking text from a friend saying she needs a second operation. Even worse that particular sort of operation is a crazy-painful one. For a moment my hands turned numb due to the shocking news but the next second I knew exactly what to say and how to align the words to comfort her. Courage came real quick since I was sure what she really needed to hear ( or perhaps read). The same applies when my other friends are going through tough times.

Its like you can foresee the words they anticipate. Or the right things to do and be told.

Duh what's so hard right? You know each of your friends, their strength and weaknesses, their fears and much more that allows you to judge the situation and react accordingly. Words on the other hand are easily picked and aligned when sincerity tags along. So that is exactly how good advices and words of encouragement are formed in my lab .

Sadly, an ugly scene could reach your vision if you just widen your eyes towards this issue, the painfully fascinating irony of the whole situation.

When friends play the receiver, we make a good advisor, however when our own selves are caught by trouble, we cringe and turn into a blank human who never knew positivity nor have ever had the courage to survive.

Have you ever felt that way? Come on, don't be shy.

As you all readily know,there is an ongoing debate on whether one can actually put himself or herself in someone else's shoes. Disregarding the mentioned and letting them go deeper into that, we on the other side of the mountain have formulated an irony of the whole notion . Isn't it perplexing how we can empathize others and deliver the most soothing words while we mourn over each and every personal tragedy as if those words never existed in our cure kit ?

Any idea why?

Perhaps nursing our own wound is harder than treating another's. Chew over that! Even so, don't give up on personal efforts . It's all about getting better at the end of the day .

Renuka G