Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Ultimate Change

For someone who feeds on all unhealthy delicacies without much guilt, a healthy routine is of zero worth. However the existence of exceptions to rules did some justice to a life today.  As you all have guessed (which I’m sure you did), it’s none other than the life of the striving-to-be-great-me, Renuka. Ok that’s too much of fame to handle, yet don’t worry I’m used to it =)

The next line is not for the faint-hearted!!!!!

I jogged today and I’m not kidding ! (Told’ya not for the faint hearted)

Being a mavin couch potato, breaking out from my sloth-shell was totally exhausting both mentally and physically. It took me nearly an hour to fight those myriad ideas popped by Mr.Lazy who beguiled me with his impeccable manipulating skills. As my temptations begin to dance of joy, the beat eventually put me to sleep. How predictable! When I woke up, which was like one and a half hour later, I couldn’t stomach the fact that I actually slept and somehow boosted the happy camper in the paradise of laziness once again. That got me devastated, like seriously heart-wrenching. Realizing the urge to be active and maintain my current weight (or drop a few pounds ), I took that important decision of to go and JOG.

That’s my story. But there's also another reason for this healthy-addition.

Paulo Coelho stated in his book “The Aleph”, routines wear us down, therefore as we go on we have to find new purpose of each. Like once you take a walk to stay healthy, now do it because you want to meet people. Something like that. (BTW Sorry, I couldn’t really find the exact quote online and searching via the book is also impossible since it’s at home. Anyway, just because I’m quoting this book and stuffs, please don’t make any impulsive decision of  purchasing or borrowing it. The book makes you go =S. Totally! Yes I do agree at the beginning you would come across some really nice and soothing quotes about life but as the story progresses you will start barfing and eventually vomit when you find the author mentioning the name ‘Hilal’ in nearly every paragraph. I suggest you just read half and not worry about the rest offered by the novel. Point blank, I was like skipping  chapters so that I could finish fast. But who knows right, you guys might end up liking the book so much that you vomit and clean up and continue reading. The choice is yours.)

Back on the routine thingy. Coelho proposed that we change the ‘whys’ to not get tired of the usual, however, after much pressure placed on my head by the new courses and environment, I can’t think of any new reasons to replace the purpose of my routines. Therefore, I chose to form new routines to avoid being exasperated by the old ones, and that is jogging. I can’t just sit and give excuses shooing away change and live everyday like yesterday, when I truly want to welcome it with bells and whistles right? 

Let’s wait and see how long I can resist Mr.Lazy and keep up my ‘life-changing’ decision.

I just can't believe that I've started to quote books!

Renuka G