Friday, June 8, 2012

A tragedy turned hobby

According to Oscar Wilde, everyone has their own tragedies.

Some people desperately read to not grow stupid, that's their tragedy, I read yet remain stupid and that is my tragedy.

When things get real ugly and morphs into a picture perfect mess, I turn to books. And that's a lie. So we ignore that.

To be brutally honest, when things get real ugly and morphs into a picture perfect mess and I can't
'teleport' myself to any malls in the country, I opt for reading.

You may ask though what are friends for then? If everyone indulge in books and brands when problems knock upon our doors, what's the point of having friends? I will answer that.
Establishing bonds between books and new purchases seem way soothing than communicating with another human or human like creature. Not because of different personalities and characters (or species) but the discomfort of digging/ being digged further about an issue. It's better to ignore and cool matters first. You better nod on that!

Back on reading. It's simply a pleasure, pure selfish pleasure just like shopping. All utterly adding up to your benefit, despite the bemusements in some pitiful souls. Bemusement ? Hell yea. You know when a 6 years old picks up Da Vinci Code and start cracking the in the 'alphabets'? Yup some adults who are just beginners have that ambition . Just stop! That's my two cents. To feel better or for bibliotheraphy reasons, choose books which matches your language level and interest, too. Refrain from reading-hopelessness and some major cardiac arrest situations due to 'linguistical' stress ! Seriously. Setting that sad scenario aside, you can literally see and count the pros of this leisure with much ease.

Come to think of it, books too can be a great remedy, a huge distraction, under one condition. That it hooks you. I have read the works of a few great authors including Sophie Kinsella (for sure), Jeffery archer, Oscar Wilde and the legend himself William Shakespeare. They are all good but I'm more inclined towards certain genres. And to your surprise, I loathe romance based books. I can never finish them up even keeping an eye closed on their zero healing power. Not to deny, I have a few up on my shelf and I'm not going to blame some supernatural powers or brothers for it, admitting shamelessly that I bought them. Sadly though, I didn't care to finish what I started. So Dear Nicholas sparks and Audrey Niffeneger, you folks can just come claim your works back. As for the books of my preferred genres, keep working as my antidepressants and rehab centers. Sounds pretty serious uh?

But It's NOT!

I don't know your formula to beat down sorrow and fight troublesome occurrences, mine is reading( apart from shopping of course) . The world doesn't get all better and healed when I read,that's true. However, I add a few healthy pounds to my brain besides feeling problem free at least till the moment I put down the printed words and start picking up the shattered pieces. If you were to ask me, a good book can be man's best friend at all circumstances. ('all'? That's a strong word. BTW sorry dogs :p)

Renuka G