Monday, June 18, 2012

Me, frugal? Seriously....

Why didn't I buy a new bag?

5 people asked me today! Can you believe it? 5??? I certainly went speechless. Then I asked myself once again, WHY? Yes I asked in Caps. 

ok, this is more like a dream =p
The truth being, even I don't know. I used to come back after every holiday donning a new bag like it's a fashion staple not to be missed.  What happened to that norm, Renuka?
Well, I saw a few of my taste in ELLE, Mango and Charles&Keith but something stopped me from settling with one. As I walked out of each store, I found my mind scuffling with my heart yet I didn't give a 2nd thought. 

How can I be so frugal? Like, since when?

To be brutally honest though, I'm regretting the decision made. I so need a new bag and of course shoes. Why on earth I spent all the 3 shopping trips looking for nice dresses and blouses? Come on, who does that? There's no balance at all!

How I wish I could trade my Somerset Bay dress for that orange Mango handbag or the exquisite Charles & Keith arm candies (yes, it's plural ).  Hey just out of curiosity, don't you guys think Charles & Keith handbags totally mirror the designs of luxury labels like Givenchy, Marc Jacobs and Mulberry?
their version of Mulberry =p
Gotcha! But since this Singaporean brand wears a humble price tag, it's totally a catch.

Now that I'm frustrated and haunted by a tremendous retail remorse, let me cheer up with some "NET-A-PORTER time". Ciao!

Once a frugal shopper and fully regretting it,
Renuka G