Friday, January 2, 2015

Oh god!

So it's new year uh? Let me start off by wishing everyone a great year ahead and good luck with the ambitious resolutions. Hope your memory got space to retain them till year end and scan for viruses occasionally, alright?

I don't want to make a cliché post about 2015 and new beginnings, I'm gonna talk about beliefs. 

The existence of God has been a hot topic debated by people around the world. Plus I bet at least once in your entire life you have questioned the same notion. Does God really exist? Is there a power up up up there watching over every move we make? Can you prove it? 

I think it's incredible how some things are not meant to have legit answers. This means the ball is settling in our court. Hence it leaves us helpless to create our own answers which can never be proven wrong by anyone! Just in case you feel too in control, you could hop on any of the prescribed belief system that tunes your brain into something. Voluntarily!

I have seen both. I know some who believes in God and some who choose not to. Well, I never questioned any for choosing what they have chosen. The problem being some people do. 

Like seriously, why? Let's look at the whole water in the glass concept. Is it halfway full or halfway empty? Can you successfully prove which one is correct?

Admit it. Nobody has seen God but there are things that makes people feel He exists. It could also be something else. A scientific phenomenon maybe? Whatever it is, it's personal. The world is no place to stuff your beliefs onto somebody's head. Keep it with you! 

I wish some of us had the respect to accept the person next to them for who they are and what they want to be. God or science, we are all humans. Right ? If you are an animal kindly let me know, we could make headlines together ! Winks.

I don't care if you are counting sins or molecules, you are amazing regardless!
Good night !

Renuka G