Saturday, January 24, 2015

Three wise monkeys

Take the good, leave the bad. One policy that accommodates us into the imperfect world perfectly. I have always been taught to see the good in people disregarding their weak points. 

A man may be a drug addict but portrays good manners. A man could lie and cheat but still show gratitude to those who love him. We all have our vices that's the truth. At the same time we are capable of modeling admirable behaviors as well. Sometimes we feel so natural doing an act without realizing not many actually do those things because for us it has become a habit.

How would the world be if we only scan to scorn people by seeing them as half a human only capable of the bad? We will only end up ruining each other while indulging in more vices ourselves. Remember the three wise monkeys? Only see, hear and speak good things.

Nobody's perfect. So why not excuse a certain side of a person you dislike and value his/her strengths instead? 

Wouldn't the world be a much better place if we learn to ignore shortfalls ? Something to ponder indeed.

Renuka G