Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Transformation amidst unemployment

It has been a crazy journey! Working out is not easy, especially for me. One hour of cardio and the other set of workouts can drive me insane sometimes. Frankly speaking I get bored real fast. I just could not count the number of times I changed my workouts. Sometimes I do planks , at times I totally ditch that and commit to crunches. It's just never easy.

But I'm proud to have not given up for as long as I started to workout. It sucks sometimes to wake up after a deep afternoon nap thinking of the next one hour of cardio. Yes I hate cardio the most! Having said that, realising I have survived a month plus with limited skips fill me with pride. 

They say weight loss and body transformation is 30% workout and 70% diet. I apparently mess up the latter severely as soon as I see French fries in the menu hence leaving me no choice but to hold on to my discipline when it comes to burning the calories. Safe to say, I had never  indulged so much when I don't workout. I usually make damn sure that I do a little yoga in case I miss my daily workouts. Plus I don't believe in starving to lose weight! You can always see the difference between the body of a person who works out and those who only let the diet do the job. Another reason being, I'm a foodie! And a baker .haha

Even though I'm not a size zero, I'm happy to look at myself in the mirror. This is all my hardwork. I remember those times I used to be close to 62kg but now I'm down by 10kg at least. And the best part being there is no muffin top when I sit or stand! I'm still far from achieving my fitness goals and forming healthy eating habits. For now, I'm happy where I am.

Renuka G