Friday, January 9, 2015

Gatsby, the Great

I have a penchant for good literature. It is one of the main reason I took an extra subject, Literature In English for SPM. I did some awesome plays and novels but I couldn't fully enjoy it then because of the exam pressure. Now though I am all into reading between the lines, again. The difference between contemporary novels and classics is that they have symbols and hidden meanings left for the readers to interpret according to their understanding. All answers are correct hence it's second level of fun reading about what others have to say. You will end up amazed with how a few lines could signify so many different things. I love that about literature.

Recently I watched this movie The Great Gatsby which is the movie adaptation of a F. Scott Fitzgerald's writing of the same name. The movie had so many symbols and great quotes. Everything had a meaning underneath; the green light which signifies Gatsby's dream which is visible yet so far from reach, the eyes of the doctor that is shown everything an immoral act took place denoting the presence of god. Even better is the narration of  Nick done with so much depth about the society and Gatsby's story. One memorable quote that caught my literature-brain was :

"I was within and without, simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life." Nick Carraway
It explains how we all are in life. Both a participant (within) and an observer (without) at the same time. But the irony being we are often at joy with things that we commit yet loathe watching the scenes happening in front of us. Yes it is biased, also was Nick. It's the same world, a world full of flaws and opportunities in which we strive to understand adversity by either watching or participating. Nick enjoyed the situation in Tom's apartment  and living the city life however, as a casual watcher he couldn't understand whatever that was happening. The same goes to his views on Gatsby's love.  He was amazed seeing his love for Daisy and the way he looks at her but Nick only fathoms the foolishness when he was all alone at the funeral, in Gatsby's mansion. We are all a Nick in our lives,somehow in some ways.

It was a tragic ending when Jay Gatsby died. It was not his illegal businesses that killed him, but his naive love. Gatsby was a great lover who came a long a way only to realize that his future was already behind him. While Daisy depicts a typical woman whose actions only reflects inconsistency and confusion, "a beautiful little fool". Overall a great literature!
Renuka G