Thursday, January 22, 2015

Of cravings and guavas

The hyper kid had her day! Usually my self control is pretty remarkable in terms of my diet that I reward myself everyday with a small piece of chocolate after my lunch. Today I had no chocolates since I haven't done my grocery shopping yet. Oh yes I have my once in a fortnight routine through which I stock up things for cooking, baking and snacking purposes. I was one disciplined kid you know, till yesterday. 

I even went to the extreme extent of having cabbage soup and toast for dinner! Neither missed workout nor night time yoga. I was that good! This morning I woke up and established a newly weds kinda relationship with the scale. Then it happened. Hyperactivity. 

My dad is a very responsible man! He knows my needs well and when my favourite snacks run out, even without me nagging he will stock the fridge real soon. So he came home after work with my go-to fruits like guava and pomegranate. By the way, today he bought a new addition, rose apple! Wondering what's that uh? Thanks to my curiosity , I found out the English name for Jambu Air to be rose apple or water apple. So that was it. Setting aside the healthy basket, I saw Pringles standing tall on the tv shelf and Merci in the bottom rack of the fridge. I knew there shall be a disaster. 

After my usual workout and shower, my dad offered me one rose apple. Like a good dad he offered me an healthy option, but he too did the damage by purchasing the fattening junk. An irony indeed. 

I was munching the sweet juicy fruit with my eyes fixed at the junk food sitting comfortably on the shelf! It didn't take my determination very long to surrender itself and rip open the potato crisps like a Cookie Monster! Or potato monster maybe? The crunching and munching went on and on till I realise I had to eat some nutritional food . Made a sunny side up eggs with grilled tomatoes and reheated the remaining cabbage soup in the microwave. Even in the given teeny tiny cooking and heating period, I sneaked a small piece of guava from the fridge and kept my mouth busy. Lots of different varieties of guavas in my system today. Guava day it shall be named.

After gobbling up dinner, Merci made my hands itch to unseal it. And I apparently did. I had never, even once in my life turned down chocolates! True story. I ate like three pieces savouring every chocolately almond crunch. Yum! Then I came to my senses of the damage I was doing via excessive sugar and salt and fat formation immediately making a bottle full of lemon-cucumber infused water. Drinking it helps in keeping my tummy feeling full thereby preventing further food intake for the rest of the night. And the mission was successful.

The truth shall uncover itself tomorrow when the happy relationship turns sour. Weighing scale, I wish your battery drains off. Haha. Or maybe I will limit my snacks tomorrow and weigh myself the next day!
There's always an escape and a fix *winks*

Renuka G