Wednesday, January 7, 2015

To walk a dream

I'm a dreamer. Now that I'm unemployed and commitment-free, I have progressed to the next level of dreaming, excessive dreaming. I mean whatever, make sense out of it. My head feels like a reservoir of plans and procrastinated efforts with an automated door allowing access anytime I wish. Hence, I'm always in my dreamland.

Sometimes I wish I could dig out a few ideas, actually bringing them at least a couple of steps closer to reality, but laziness seem to be one clingy partner. Dreaming is the easiest and consumes very little to no work at all thus, producing a faithful user out of me. Not fair yet justified.

I think I'm just another human capable of pampering myself to an unacceptable extent. How sweet of me, right?

Though it was me who wrote the above, I genuinely feel this should not go on for long. There is no doubt that I am a lazy, forever-sleepy, bored soul but naah. As soon as I start working, if this were to become a habit then I'm most certainly in a lot of trouble. Bearing that in mind, I'm gonna make one of my humble yet personally grand idea to use. And everyone will definitely  be informed of the progress!

Renuka G