Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Purpose and Progess

People have different purposes in life. Some strive for money, some chase after happiness and the rest with their own unique ambitions. I look out for progress. It's my word, the one word that I want to be defined after.

In my perspective, a person needs to evolve. It matters so less how much and how long it takes for each tiny change, to grow as a being is crucial. I don't believe in calculating success adding someone else into my equation. I'm happy if I progress. This is one of the many reasons I do things that I do. Like baking for instance, I started with a dry rainbow cake with cracked tops and now I can make a decent layer cake. The same applies for writing and working out. Nothing compares the happiness you get out of satisfaction and progress is what brings one there.

As the phase called unemployment is coming to an end, I'm writing this to remind myself to look out for the many  opportunities awaiting to grow. Truth be told, I am a little anxious about the posting results. God knows where I will be spending the coming three years prior the contract ends. But the best part being, I can't do anything about it. It leaves me with a little peace because I know it's pointless to overthink what's not in my control. Whatever life throws, I will try to make desserts out of it! :p

Hope I will get to be a better teacher, complete my postgraduate studies, join culinary and baking certificate programs, read good books and learn more about anything and everything! To see progress is ultimate the purpose. After-all, success is a self-defined thing !

Renuka G