Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Potato potato

I shared this on my timeline today! It was so true that every cell in my body demanded the shown to be visible to all my fellow social network worshippers. 

Is it just me or is it how the brain works? 

Probably me. I am a night person. Yes sometimes I do curiously wonder how a person can be an early bird chirping through the morning sunlight while a certain crowd like me rolls their eyes over the wicked unusual energy. My brain though is tuned to deliver its power house performance at night! Look what I'm doing now, that's the ultimate prove.

During the day, the only thought I have is about the next nap which I usually by hook or by crook fulfils in the afternoon or  on the recipes I wish to try out. But I have to mention, the initial idea of cooking or baking a certain item creates itself at night, still. I'm an owl! Same goes to situations like revising or preparing lesson plans, best done when the moon is up!

Day time is reserved for light activity that requires the least thinking and problem solving efforts. It's not like I can't freshen my brain up for a little help, I simply choose to accumulate all the energy for the dark hours (Pun intended ).

So my brain at the moment is churning over the best yoga pose to improve posture while I'm here writing this post multitasking in a willow pose *winks*

Renuka G