Monday, January 5, 2015

Thinking in/of Progress

How do you know who's the right one for you? And just like that how do you know which is the right place to kick start your career?

I had battled the mind-numbing thoughts before, for a few times actually. By battled I mean, I did decide on the best but now that they handed me a second chance to make changes I am left confused. For a long time I have gripped strongly to the belief of heading wherever life takes me. In fact, I made the shelved choices based of the mentioned belief. Never in my life I thought I would leave INTI, and embarassingly  I didn't even know where Terengganu is in the map of Malaysia till I get the offer letter. However, that is exactly where life took me and 5 years went by just like that and here I am a degree holder baffled by thoughts of the future.

The conflict is between money and progress. Which one would you choose?

Would you rather go somewhere far, forgoing most comfort and progress settling for the pot of gold or be happy somewhere you could get the comfort, advance academically at ease but for a much lower pay? I am still weighing both choices, the pros and cons. Perhaps I won't find the answer , or there is no answer after all. Sometimes we just have to close our eyes, stop questioning so much, take a leap of faith and make the best of what life hands us. Once again as I mentioned earlier, wherever life takes me!

As I am writing this it is getting clearer, I do not need to over think this. Selangor or Sabah, I will somehow make it work. Those with dreams and ambitions do not fancy excuses people say. I will get my masters, pursue my baking dreams and be the best version of me without calculating the time I have to sacrifice and invest.

It's gonna be alright!

Renuka G