Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Waited and waiting

Some say waiting is such a sweet experience while the rest of the human race refrain from the heartache. I have waited for a couple of things in life and still am waiting for the rest in the wishlist. Waiting can be both sweet and painful but what keeps people going is the hope. The hope that someday somehow their pursuits will be entirely their own reality though the odds rather seem depressing.

We are driven by the beliefs we create to go another day looking at an empty space. We run faster than yesterday, we imagine the future to be closer, we beautify the pursuit and we enrich ourselves with optimism. Some make it to the finish line while the rest throw in the towel. There is also a pitiful crowd who surrender to the pain of the lost battle.

How long is it alright to wait? And what is actually worth waiting for? Isn't time more valuable than the hopes we ourselves create? We can surely answer all of this but can one not second guess himself after convincing the mind? 

It's tiresome to go days looking at an egg to hatch. It's painful to stare at a wound hoping it will heal someday. It's also blissful to think that all that may happen if we give our priceless time. What is life without sacrifices, right?

So wait. You may have travelled miles to unlock that one door, you may have missed a few amazing sights while getting there, you may be all by yourself,  but it's alright. Let the promises of what could be behind it move you. We win some we lose some, that's life. You need to invest in some risks to reap memorable experiences.

Wait and keep waiting. Good things come to those who ....?? Waste some time folks, it could later be the profit you made without even realising.

Renuka G