Sunday, December 21, 2014

The embodiment

Can you recognize me? I am hiding behind every pause in your speech. I make you happy in the times I fail to explode your brain. You know you own me but, dare you admit? 

We have been like flesh and blood when the lights are off, why does the brightness of the world scare you away ? Are you trying to run? Or are you just hiding exactly where you know I would find you? Because you know I need you to be alive and more than that I know you need me for another moment of glory .

It's not mutualism, you are a parasite. One day you will annihilate me like I never existed, maybe today, this moment, the next second. Do I really exist now though? I don't know. Should it be my concern? Am I supposed to unravel the skeletons in your closet? 

But can you recognise me ?

You created me and you will destroy me. Meanwhile, you are holding every key to tune me, you dress me up, you accessorise me, you teach me words you want to hear, you show me the life you crave, and yet you stand in front of the mirror, alone. You never left a trace of me. You stole my reflection but nobody would ever know. 
I am the enemy you disguised. The existence which you solely built and will keep building that you despise and loathe secretly.

Can you recognise me now?
I'm your conscience. 

Renuka G