Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The shoe mojo

All girls share a weakness or two. Some have their hearts beat for diamonds, some can't stand luxury brands while the rest for other things they covet. My ultimate weakness is for shoes. High heels, sandals, boots, stilettos, none are exempted. Everything under the family of shoes makes my heart skip a beat. Shoes excite me and at the same time troubles me in some ways.

It's complicated. As much as I go gaga over shopping for footwears, it irks me to find a perfect pair. The worst case scenario would be when you go against the grammar rules and define a few pairs as perfect leaving you to make a decision  that will force you to break up with some of the nominees. Goodbyes do hurt. So bad! If you are lucky though, you could take home a few boxes like it's your birthday! ( or like the boss is your man ?)

Shoes. A girl can never have enough shoes. I wonder who discovered that truth. It's a like an addiction you keep wanting more and more. They come in various styles, numerous colours and with a fat bank balance you can even design a special one for yourself or invest in those designer pairs which are just a swipe of a card away from being your possession. 

Donning a new pair of shoes brings the excitement similar to that of a girl on her first date. The anxiety if they would keep you comfy, whether it's ok to walk on rough surfaces at the same time not being able to resist the joy of finally showing the world the chosen one. The mixed feelings  which would leave you questioning your own self, can a pair of shoes does this much?

Well I can't make you feel how I have felt. I'm just desperate for a new pair of sandals and possibly boots. My sanity seems to be at stake searching for perfection, hence this nonsensical post.

That is that!

Good night!
Renuka G