Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why be perfect?

Perfect like this?
Sometimes I tend to imagine how the world might be without the silly mistakes and our inborn imperfections.

Wouldn't it be too perfect then?

While half of the world is striving towards the flawless nature in everything, what will reality mirror if we were to have it all?

Just imagine days full of happiness and joy with no frowns and zero wrinkles. Everyday exhibiting that of a fairy tale ending and merry beginning. Will we be satisfied by then?

I don't know.

Not to pick on the past or judge by the present, but I always felt that we humans, believe it or not somewhat posses an admirable elasticity that allows us to stretch and return. No matter how hard we stretch our hopes and wishes, we will apparently return to the original state (of flaws and hiccups) back. Perhaps it is possible to go through changes in some fashion along the process but concur or not, life is bittersweet whichever way you to try to put it. Regardless of how much changes you digest, imperfections will frisk you everywhere. Like seriously EVERYWHERE.

So, learn to Accept it, Work with it and Rock imperfections like lipsticks of Ombre hues!!

In style, in your shoes.

The closure,
Perfection is a dead end with no-moving-forward, but life is always a route full of diversions and crossroads that go in search of new beginnings always.
In simple words, striving for perfection is like a note to the blind. Pointless and imprudent.

Renuka G