Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Deciding to decide

Decision-making is indeed a spine-chilling experience! Universal truth. PERIOD!
its exactly like this! pain in the neck!

Me, you or anyone is not exempted from making choices to shape our lives in a certain way. I have made like a plenty!

But that's not the case here.

Things blow out (tremendously) when we decipher the consequences and stick a label on the applied option . TO be not so brutally yet quite brutally honest, the judgement we channel towards the choices and decisions made is the culprit that has thrown us into the fear of concluding one.

Without much realization, we reason out choices-made by tagging them privately the label good or bad while the mind solve the puzzle to blackball the cause . As human nature speaks, the odds of a negative outcome is forever the devil's workshop to educate failure and eradicate hope. Therefore more often than not, we are eluding from juggling options and finally holding one due to the outcome of the previous decisions and fear of the current fluid stand point, which jolly remarks a great lost to your own self!


Well if you were to ask me I would say, choices do not signify the good or the bad as we used to classify them; instead they're all about their abilities to teach us something on the all-done-execution and what they can really transform us into.

So decide now; to juggle or to gibber?

Renuka G