Thursday, January 5, 2012

Plastered Pain

This is written after an hour of  VERY deep slumber so mistakes and errors and not forgetting the usual lameness ( which is extra boosted this time)  are certainly excused without a doubt.

Ok the introduction is just fine (yes I meant the above) but what should I  fill the rest of the canvas with? 

My nestum?
Bad idea.

Hmm lets try this one.
Have you ever walked so far and returned and walked back to one freaking destination like the HEP building? 

No? Then Ask me.

Have you ever felt the excruciating pain that doesn’t let you stop or move one more step forward in the so called call of responsibility and commitment?

No?  Ask me again! 
Why the hell am I here if not to share?

Yes I have experienced all those things in just 1 day. Not to scare anyone but this is the harsh reality that awaits any high-heeled class rep of IPGM KDRI.

Even a lecturer asked me why I look different today. I tell you what, people do look different in PAIN!

To all High-Heeled Warriors out there (in IPG) ,the next time your class pulls you to take the mentioned honour-with-clear-repercussions give yourself 3 simple choices;
this is an option but not for a vain pot like me
  1. Take the honour, burn the heels or
  2. Keep the heels, shun the honour or
  3. Seriously just die!  ( You can still keep your heels intact and get ‘honoured’ at the same time! GENIUS.  P.s. Breathing isn’t at all necessary for this option)
      Take it or leave this page ok?!

Point blank, I have deep rooted issues with leadership since Macbeth itself, to be exact  the dramatization (Remember when my actors were dancing without the music? That's talent... and also a DISASTER). Anyway the leader is not entirely to be blamed (Technically..Supposedly...) except for the 'impressive-and -worth-applauding-moves. Guilty!

According to my instincts and current heavy duty consumption of energy, I'm foreshadowed to mirror the do-not-resuscitate patient in intensive care any time soon. I’m even slightly flustered whether to congratulate or feel sorry for myself. 
What do you think?

Till you answer that,
Renuka G


pemerhatiSejati said...

hey you. make one entry about nestum laa. ihik >_<