Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fizzling fuss

i was that furious..supposedly should be
Fuss forms out of nothing and that is the difference between attending to a problem and a self moved projection by others. Yes I'm sick and it's just scouring my patience away. I wonder if there's a way to virtually let someone get a taste of his/her own medicine.

While forbearance wear thin, what an act of nobility armed by absolute hypocrisy can do to worsen the current?

Just like a sprinkle of petrol on the glowing splinter, I'm fuming so bad.

I don't like to unnecessarily react and throw tantrums at people but this time I feel as if this 'good nature' of mine is taken advantage of by the mentioned party.

Ok whatever!

I'm not gonna change who I am and make another fuss, instead I let you finish your own game while I intrepidly get a sip of calmness into my all-meshed system.

That's today and yea, trouble is a friend (pun intended)

p.s this post isn't a fuss! if you think otherwise, you didn't read anything buddy....

ReNuKa G