Friday, January 13, 2012

A Lagerfeld Game


A good news is knocking doors of all the budget fashionistas and calculative Divas out there.

Something is brewing ladies; get yourselves ready to be served.

Fashion is a big-ticket possession they say; I bet they haven’t heard this one just yet.

It’s an ultimate dream of every girl to be wrapped around the creation of this fashion whiz. Who doesn’t recognize the 79 years old mysterious-stern-man of the industry who flaunts white hair and a pair of shades like a craved possession?

"My thing is to work more than the others to show them how useless they are."

That’s Karl Lagerfeld.

Looks like the victory and fame on the runways every season isn’t enough to set him handcuffed from another venture in this forever-evolving industry.We sure know something’s cooking but that’s not in Chanel or the Italian Fashion House Fendi.

Rumours has it that Karl is about to reign another line of his own,officially on the 25th January 2012. While the preview is gaining tremendous number of hits on  net-a-porter, which girl wouldn’t kill to know more?

Just like Michael by Michael Kors and Marc by Marc Jacobs , Karl is the baby project of the mentioned designer which sells its' fashion pieces at a price assumed affordable to nearly-all devotees out there. FYI prices range from $95 to $450. 

According to ELLE Jan 2012 issue, the biker jacket is going to be the hotcake to be sold out in hours time this February. We will see about that!

love! love!
Well to speak about the design, it looks rather futuristic and bold compared to his usual stylishly elegant pieces of Chanel. 

Bags and shoes? 
That’s still all hugger-mugger.
So, while we keep our fingers-crossed waiting for the launch, why not take a sneak peak?
To dip thy fingers into fresh start in this industry takes more than just courage, and I dare bet 79 isn’t a big hurdle for this legendary icon of fashion. I wish K.Lagerfeld and Net-a-Porter luck!

I once heard love can spring at unlikely of places, but in this case it rather looks like luxury goods can spring at unlikely of prices!

Renuka G