Friday, January 27, 2012

Guilt Struck!!

Guilt. I shall call it the most discomforting feeling anyone can ever be put into. Just like soaking in your wet clothes after rain, waiting for the moment to rip them off with the dampness and coldness it causes you, guilt is capable of throwing anyone into such state of uneasiness.

If I were to say guilt struck me like a crime, I’m afraid I might be summoned for an overstatement. However, to stay calm and claim it as a lil trouble that found me sounds like a sneer worth understatement. Point blank, I stand somewhere in between the two and I can’t state the level of discomfort I’m currently submerging into even if I try 'that' hard.

Why am I feeling guilty? What for?

Just like all/most-of the other girls out there, in a dream of at least mirroring a size 6 (UK), I have jeopardized my dinner during my days spent in my hostel. Now that I’m back home where every mouth watering delicacies are so reachable and visible to my stereoscopic vision, my fingers can’t help but grab these good stuffs to channel into my system.
how can one resist this?? *drooling*

As you all readily aware, weight gaining and lost is all about the equation of input vs output. Therefore guilt is at the moment bugging me like a hungry mosquito, since I’m doubling or perhaps tripling up the input with minimum output!

Guilt struck
Renuka G