Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sometimes the mind...

walk pass problems even though 'trouble is a friend'
Truth be told, each and every one of us bear dissatisfaction about our own lives. Deep inside there is a voice that wishes a little bit better than what is currently ours. Am I right?
Well if you shrug ( just in case) I suggest you add liar to your CV .

Being realistic without disregarding the fact that the ball is now at my court, dissatisfaction is common and normal. However what i feel everyone should strongly detest is the act of going a little too extreme to the extent of hating their own lives.

Those who fail to seek beauty amidst the chaos is certainly a lost traveller who has no hope of trailing his/her way back. Hating even anything brings nothing but a heart full of grudges and misery, so why hate life?

At times we are moved to do things that brings no harvest isn't it?

Life is hard and it's not all rainbows and sunshine as mentioned by Rocky (=p). But if you are wise enough, you will see something that not everyone care to see. Something that lures you to live another day, like every day !

All answers are etched within but searching is just an option.

And while bearing the bible of survival, your heart obviously isn't a place to rest the burden of hatred on.

Stop hating and start moving towards better days and sound perceptions!

Good things will soon reach you , me and everyone! (maybe not at once, but it sure will)

Renuka G