Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Trials of the present

WARNING: Language at its worst. Some of the content might mirror the irony of the real situation, therefore readers’ discretion is kindly required and appreciated WITHOUT any rewards.
Lately things are going more haywire than usual. Mountain high assignments, pending presentations, untouched novels (yes I just wrote that), taxing projects ,roughneck comrades, etc etc.  But since myself here is such a ‘darling survivor’, I’m somehow keeping everything together like a set of done-jigsaw-puzzle.... or perhaps even MORE like a balloon that takes in air waiting to explode any time soon. (Jigsaw puzzle and balloon?? Seriously  Renuka? )

Whatever it is, I believe I will come pass everything.  It’s not like I have never done anything like this before. I’ve accomplished plenty. *statement dalam keriakkan*

Most important of all, paper works doesn’t kill okay?! (You are so gonna regret this statement dear) 

At the moment, yes I’m stressed and I’m exhausted and I’m pissed and I’m clueless and I’m (insert proper negative verb). However, none of the above suggests that I’m throwing  in the towel! Come on people, ‘survivor’ remember?  

And I’ve been through worse things that these ‘easy-as-A-B-C ‘ stuffs are just a piece of the proverbial cake (specifically Oreo cheese =D) 

What worse things? 

Well since you asked, here comes the list;

-I’ve worn a pair of Old Mc Donald shoes with a pair of fancy zip at both sides that comes with no box!

-I lost my broadband in KLIA. Does any normal human lose a ‘broadband’ in the airport which has free wireless?? Kidding me.

-I realized my inability to use and even hold (shivers and quivers) a liquid eye liner for which I spent RM 35 for! 

-I’m so convicted of using a fake Chanel iPhone case and flaunting it like a real one by making 19 people believe without any interrogation (Guilty!) and unfortunately time played a game that had me busted a few hours ago. Sucks man!

- I recently committed myself into LOTSA manual labour which includes washing my own clothes using my own hands and own detergent and own softener and ya A NEW PAIL . Back to basics babe!

-And this is the WORST! I was confronted by a devil’s spawn at 6 am a few days ago in my freaking room!! The confrontation certainly took so damn long that I had to use mild violence to end it. ( No CATS were hurt in the process, but my Folder just died of humiliation-to-its-purpose) The incident certainly acts like an eye opener that confides me there are creatures that are MORE stubborn and demanding than Ms RENUKA!

Since I’ve survived all the above without a mojo-maker, I want to confidently declare that I need NOT  listen to Gloria Gaynor for I have Destiny’s Child in my playlist! (ape ni???? !!)

No, that was moot!


Since I’ve survived all the above without a mojo-maker, I want to confidently declare that I’m the best babe! In dealing with paper works of course =D
See ya

Renuka G