Wednesday, May 30, 2012

When the rainbow fades

My dad once wrote to me 'please, the rainbow u are chasing will be gone when u reach there don't be a fool  for the second time'. I wonder how he knew it so well.

This is my story:
I loved the wrong person who spoke right things.
Such a fool I was, licking honey off a thorn, waiting behind a shut door! And what hurts the most at the end of the day is, I ran away from those who always made me happy, to stay with someone who made me cry.

Tragic nah?

Life opens up many roads, and there will be one for me as well. One to help me see the happy clouds and live and just feel so alive again.

I'm willing to wait, for as long as it takes, and I'm all ready to do everything to genuinely cherish life. It's my journey afterall, only I can fulfill it right?

I'm an emotional girl, I care too much, I give my all to put a smile on one's face,  sometimes even when people show me the door I still struggle to see it for I believe I've had the best intentions and it will come back to me. I'm sorry for being myself. A believer. And I heard I gave you such a hard time, I'm sorry for I've wasted your days.

To pick up the pieces and rebuild life isn't at all easy. I did it once and it took me nearly a year, this time who knows how long..But I promise I'll try.

Renuka G