Thursday, May 17, 2012

No more!

I'm FREAKING sick of my emo self! It's so pathetic to read all those messages and things I've said.


When I do something wrong, I say sorry, well that's acceptable. But why on earth I apologize for something which is not at all my fault! Then I pity people like they are some earthquake victim. Even worse, I drown myself in self-pity.

Can my emotions get any more unstable?

Enough is enough Renuka.

This gotta stop, by hook or by crook. Once again, I feel DAMN-FREAKING-PATHETIC! Suddenly, got a vision like a the new cat family downstairs is spitting on my face. I'm done being emo!

I'm not going to cry, or arrange words like Shakespeare's minion or apologize like even the change in temperature is my god-damn fault!

WHATEVER! I'm giving up being emo. For the good of EVERYONE around me. So the next time you mess with my feelings, you know exactly what NOT to expect.

Renuka G