Tuesday, May 22, 2012

They again

I am drowning in dissatisfaction! How could you do that to me? And not anybody else?

1st famous question, are you kidding me?

I'm staying in this place which is in the size of a washing machine box, losing pounds everyday just to fit comfortably in this cubicle while some of your kind are roaming so freely as if this is a freaking paradise they inherited from their feline ancestors? Waaaaat???

FYI I'm paying a HUGE sum of money to stay in this box with just a bed and a cupboard and a studying table, do you even care? How could you walk in vain in front of me while I cringe looking at your multiplication every single day? Is this what you call justice?

You might say you've got no income. Well what do you think I earn? That allowance isn't even enough to photocopy notes and pay my shopping bills. But still I paid, that is what we call responsibility-the-utmost-priority .
Now mirror yourself! How do you even sleep at night? Everything is free, people even feed you dearies. Prickly though, the mess you've made shows no justice to my kind, especially myself.

Look into my sparkly shoe, is there where you place your 4 legged baby? Or is this an abandoned baby issue we are facing here? Answer me !
but what you did to a pair of mine????

After all the space an food I've shared and all the fear I've beaten down, you did this to me dear cats! Totally unforgiven!

So please don't wait in front of my door with your kittens for I take no apology and don't make home in my shoes for I loathe guests like thee .

Goodbye forever! Hopefully it's mutual.

Renuka G