Sunday, May 13, 2012

Exam shivers

This morning...2nd thought, it was afternoon already; I was driven by my ambitious self to target that I could finish up Classroom Management and start with Listening and Speaking skills by night, but guess what? You probably have guessed it right, so why bother restating right?

That's what happened!

Its ok. Let's just hope the one day gap I have after the first paper will somehow smack me awake and allow me to accomplish the MUST.

I'm not someone who gives much importance to exams. I don't have the urge to top anyone nor voluntarily fail. Exams are where I play mediocre and the hall is where I yawn and enjoy the scenery. Sit beside me, you'd be able to see EVERYTHING! Haha Some people study day and night with nothing but more dosage of caffeine. They even forget their names at times I tell you (memory full you see )! But that's the 'they' bunch. NOT ME.

All I know is I've done my level best in my assignments and there's nothing I wish I had done better, including the microteaching and that is my plan to gain a seat the next semester! Or perhaps the 'repeat exam'! Who cares though, my journey in IPG goes on somehow (contract signed =p)...

That's the thing pretty much. You need not share anybody's plan of life or match theirs with your values. We have our own stand. I dislike exams but I love hands on tasks so I pick to score that way and whatever the result is i'm happy. Just like the mentioned, in many more things in life we will find ourselves not being in the same page with others and that is abso-freakin-lutely ok. You have it your way, I have it my way (well, i kinda stole it from Burger King, excuse that OK?)

Be happy with your decisions and plans, because even having one proves your passion towards the future. See you after the exams!

Good Luck !

Renuka G