Thursday, May 3, 2012

Not Me anymore

OK it's the end already! I'm no more the K.U/ ketua unit/ class rep/ head of unit/'sleeping'-head. Well for the past 4 months I've certainly learned a lot of things inclusive of those I'm good at and some which needs so much more effort to correct. It is also proven that 'Leadership' is not my piece of cake (told ya).

the only stressed person

No more hoofing to the Audio-Visual room to get the LCD everyday, no more obligations to show my face at the assembly (renuka, ready to put your matrix card and RM 10 at stake??), no more horrifying texts from the lecturers and sudden phone calls demanding for a class or a change in time, and a few more totally-energy-consuming-responsibilities. 

Honestly speaking,I will miss some things as well, like texting all 19 when a class had been canceled (the wonderful replies  *melting*) and getting the out-of-anger-labels for not attending the IMPORTANT meetings and seminars and 'taklimats'. I know I know =p

It's OK though, I totally understand the 'anger' peeps. Sorry for the hard times =(

this is what we call as 'moronism' (if such  word exists..)
Oh well guess what? Next semester onwards, I can start embracing my lovely court shoes and sky high stilettos again! No-No and goodbyes to'em Ballerinas! Perhaps I shall donate'em all to the 'black swans' out there. hehe

Uh-oh here comes the EMO part;

For those who were always with me, accompanying me to the assembly, HEP and Koperasi ,to cool myself down with an ice-cream, thousands of kisses and hugs! And for some who stay patient with my tantrums and had their ears pierced with words like 'moron' and 'idiot' (you guys know who you are), sorry huns, couldn't help it !

Whatever it is, no matter how many KUs rule and resign, we will always have each other, or at least a room in TeLlTrac to share our glory and.....accumulate the discipline records! 

Renuka G