Saturday, May 19, 2012

Of locks and fences

Studying in a Teachers' Training College have taught me a lot of things, mostly BAD. (Ok my dad should seriously read this...NOT! )

On my 1st year of foundation itself, I proudly received a memo from the Director for not attending a lame-sleep-inducing-talk. The next year, my RM10 was snatched away together with my ID card because I didn't attend the assembly. Well, to be honest even throughout the semester I never showed my faced during the assembly yet managed to escape pompously. That 'fine' day! I still remember how they trapped each and every one of us by standing right in front of the PKPG building. Strategic nah? You have to somehow pass that place to go to your class. Smart! RM10 gone, ID card taken away, and a glorious 0 on my attendance!

Just a month ago, another awful event took place saving my already-spoilt-name a discipline record. Why? For burning the carpet? Yes , I mentioned C.A.R.P.E.T. Even the disciplinary board was shaken by our action. How cruel can one be to burn a carpet with an iron! Geez. Guilty!

Today was another entry. An unofficial crime yet swept under the carpet because it's Friday. Come to Terengganu and I'll show you what Friday means. To not keep you guessing any longer, let me reveal the latest crime I committed with my fellow friends who were innocently walking in search of food.
What does one do when his/her college becomes a prison and surrounded by gates and locks everywhere? Hmm perhaps if it's a real one, we might have opted for black magic but since it's not, we had to roll up our sleeves and jump over the fence. Not kidding, we actually did that! No prove left behind though =) Wait, there's one, the pak guard who eye-witnessed the scene. Assassin him??!!!  

I really hope tomorrow this prison-break thingy won't repeat! It was not easy okay. And ya, I bet you guys don't want to have new-new budaya IPG since there's already a long list of DOs and Don'ts being made into a reference book!


Renuka G