Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The dire thing

Believe it or not, to feel miserable is way easier than to feel happy. Nearly effortless at times.

Isn't it way too impressive how negative things cling to our thoughts?

I know.

It seems like we love the sinking feeling so much till we can't even help but welcome such misery into our mind and of course our lives.

But no harm to this extent. You think, you feel down, ok that's totally acceptable. What's next? Dust it off and move on. We are not given that much time to waste by mourning and sulking at the corner.

Some things are bound to happen and are meant to strike us like a thunderbolt. True enough we can't do much beside accepting and minimizing the impact of the incident on us. Still it's not like nothing is in our hands right? There is something and that is what we call the 'will'. The will to move forward and look beyond what's so literal.

Life is all about challenges of different level of difficulties. Sometimes we get it hard, sometimes have to digest the worst. But never let go of your grip upon it. The ability to suck it up and be prepared for the next with much spirit.

Remember, only the moment you turn static that the world hits you the hardest. Keep moving pals !

ReNuKa G