Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Move Forward

There a few recurring events lately that taught me this, to move forward no matter what life throws you.

Whatever shelved in the past is just for the record, and your present do not have to be a reflection of the events that you came pass.

People say nobody really change and you will always be the person you are. But trust me, only when you want to believe it, the mentioned morphs into the truth and later forms a fact. So why blame human nature here? You want it to be true, isn't it?

Tell yourself people do change, tune your head that you can be different from the current and ya, watch the magic.

We give up trying the moment we utter the 'NO' and 'NEVER'. Erase them completely and you have a chance to see the open doors awaiting to welcome a new breeze into your lives.

Shoo off what's done and begin anew! The clock is ticking......tik tok tik tok =p

Renuka G