Wednesday, February 8, 2012


c00L =)

Patience pays off but I’m not so sure how far the notion can go. However, to believe is indeed important.

I’m generally known to my circle of friends as someone who can tolerate any nonsense without throwing a sucker punch on the opponent’s face. I’m fussy enough to pick the right situations to react and trust me they are just a handful or perhaps less.

I believe that when I stay calm things moves smoothly and when I throw tantrums, they backfire like a threat to my entire being both emotionally and physically.

Yes I speak patience like nobody else and I’m proud of that!

Since I’m no novice, I have got something to share : As there are and there will always be people out there who want to stir things up even for no concrete reasons, we should learn the art of patience. And make damn sure you arm it and shield it with positivity because when we allow emotions to rule a situation, our mind therefore becomes an impermeable space which is only full of negative thoughts and the urge to act hastily. This isn’t good!

Stay calm and be patient, you can walk pass anything without regrets or guilt.

Renuka G