Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Thou Shall Wait

Nearly half of our lives we spend our time waiting. Some people wait for thing that they know would arrive while the rest wait upon miracles and the unexpected to knock upon their doors. In both cases though, our hope is consumed like energy bars that boost us up each bite we take in.

Concur it or not, we all do wait don’t we? Despite all the false hopes that we knew was obvious and the outcomes that confirmed heartbreaks, we all did and we still do, because we believe, in the amazing occurrence called change armed by a feeling called HOPE.

Hope, such a miraculous word that brings frantic joy to the human race. Etched within every soul, it glows like a light in a dark cavern. Without the one ladder of hope which elevates us up to a cause with the heavy burden of time, waiting is proved nothing but a sweet dream that we all wish we could endure with much happiness disregarding the mind games of the subconscious.

I’m waiting and I will forever wait. The best thing will soon arrive. I believe it will.

Renuka G