Tuesday, February 14, 2012


My exasperated self just said hi! 

YES training these kids for the Action Songs competition isn’t at all an easy task. It’s like climbing your way up the mountain with nothing but a bottle of water as your saviour. 

Why is it tough?

First and foremost they disappear. We were given 20+ students initially and the number decreased as days went by, landing only 17 on the list at the moment ( or is it 16?)

 Where the other 3 went?
Is it an illusion? I swear it’s not!

Next they can’t be bribed! Kids nowadays you see. You might think you are smart with the A++ winking HOT for Child Development course on your exam slip but let me tell you this; THEY ARE SMARTER ANYHOW. SO if you think by making them meals and buying them ‘that’ much drink you can hear them projecting their voice, please crazy murder yourself. NOT KIDDING.

Finally, the existence of the ‘you stop I stop’ phenomenon. Equality man! Only if the teacher sings that these kids would follow. Why would they want to waste their energy alone right? Teacher sing, I sing la! That’s it. I told you they are smart. And a little too mean. Having explained the situation, all the best in taking care of your voices dear teachers for, they might even demand you to get on the stage and ‘Action-song’ with them next week.

At the end of the day =s
BTW did I not mention the amount of money we teachers are channeling to get the props and clothes done? ( Trust me, my or shall I say ‘our’ bank balance reeks sympathy)

NOW tell me, ‘Sape cakap senang nak jadi cikgu?’

Please shut up and melt like the candle. 

Renuka G