Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

You will always be a special one to me,
I’ll let you hold my hand and walk pass every hurdle
I’ll embrace you with hugs even with my eyes full of tears
I’ll keep your heart so close that nothing you need to fear
And I’ll relive every moment even if our bond disappears.

I remember writing this some time ago, well maybe a long time who’s counting.  Since tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, I’m putting this up to show that I’ve loved and I’ve felt it coming back to me in the most wonderful way. It was great, it was so beautiful but it ended somehow.

Fate they call it people. The grip is jolly hard that breaking away is not a possibility laid open.
It’s a tough life dear, but still so wonderful keeping me looking forward for another day.
There are things that we can’t foreshadow and there ought to be moments that we can’t elude from. Life isn’t an action replay isn’t it? It is so novel to the extent where we need to be thrown into situations in order to feel it.
Well, I’ve felt both, to be loved and to be pushed away. I’m not sulking, I’m not asking for sympathy, for whatever that took place is my past and I deny not it is a part of my life right now and forever. Plus, I’m the person you are seeing this moment because of every single thing I came pass, so it is fair enough that I accept the bittersweet encounter with love and of course the impact of the healing wound with much gratitude .

I once said I’ve lost hope, I don’t want to fall in love, I don’t want to care, I want to forget and the list goes on and on. I have said so much, I’ve promised so hard but the reality being moving on isn’t an easy chapter. You can be in your own shoes and dictate things, well who can’t right? My heart is broken and I’m hurt, so let me say this; healing doesn’t start and end overnight. It’s hard enough that it can confiscate your self esteem and deplete even the last bit of hope left. I’ve been there long enough to make you believe, till you start controlling your thoughts, you ain’t got no life to live.

Am I still there? Well, I can’t answer that literally but true enough, I’m learning.

I’ve hoped for miracles, I’ve stood in a place so long waiting for the impossible, I’ve prayed enough wishing for things to change yet everything remained so static except my hope which squandered each and every moment of my life.
Then I stood up, I changed every single thing I thought I would never be able to do. Yes I did wore the ugly most mask, I messed up and I eventually regretted some things that I committed  but I witnessed for once in my life the circle spinning the way I wished. Not to say I’m free from heartbreaks and disappointments! I do have the whole package in my life like the rest of you. The point being, I recognized two important keys to survival; positivity and the ability to smile at every hard moment.  I’m working on the duo, still am.

Whatever my past speaks, I won’t say love sucks and I’m not against anyone who is waiting patiently for tomorrow to arrive. It is indeed a gift peeps. Or shall I call it a blessing? To be able love...

To endear someone despite their flaws,
To forgive every mistakes like it’s never done before,
To embrace and repay all the heartbreaks with best intentions,
To forsake even the little left to get one more chance of being together,
And to love beyond all odds.

Nothing human can savor more than this one emotion that keeps us all striving for another day.

It’s love and it’s the ultimate miracle .

Happy Valentine’s Day!

And to all the single girls like me out there, it’s another day to throw smiles reap laughter.

FYI the poems are all mine!  ( from the lameness you can guess)SO Don't STEAL!

Renuka G