Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Zombies and SBE

Let's talk SBE!

I never really had an abysmal experience in the past to stop me from doing my School-Based Experience in my home town. Seriously no! Well maybe i've felt like an alien but that's not a huge deal since it's normal when it comes to a new environment and people and stuffs.

However that was the past and I tell you what, NOW I have a very strong reason to NEVER come back for another SBE!


Let me present to you a list.

  1. On my 1st day which was yesterday, without any mercy the headmaster called me to the stage (yes it was a REAL stage) and asked me to introduce myself and give a speech during the assembly. Of course introducing is an easy thing, Hi my name is Renuka and that's it, end of story! But the speech thingy literally bugged me! And it all ended to be an embarrassing one. Trust me, 'the' worst speech ever! You wanna hear what I said?

    Me: Hi, Selamat pagi semua, good morning
    Pupils: Good morning teacher (in chorus)
    Me: How are you feeling today?
    Pupils: Fine teacher
    Me: So what's next ( Aaaaahhhhhh why did I say it?)
    Pupils: blurred
    Me: Have a good day and study betul2 tau, alright? (Manglish? Shit happens)
    Pupils: *still blurred*
    Me: By the way my name is Renuka and you can call me Teacher Renu.(how can I forget that?) I guess that's all??
    Pupils: *claps* (thank god they did that and not throw eggs and tomatoes at me)


  2. They won't give me classes! And the reason being, they are busy with MQA! Familiar huh? Ya, the one body that will never leave us in peace *reminiscing IPG moments* So basically i'm sitting like an alien in the staff room with my oscar wilde plays from 7.20 till 1.15. What a life..

  3. I can't find the boy who charmed me! Yes, that boy. The porcupine haired boy I mentioned on facebook. He was so charming yesterday, made me smile, made my day but today I tried to stalk him but tough luck I couldn't even locate that small boy even though his hair is 'tall' and unique to set him off the crowd. BTW his forehead is not huge, or big or anything, which is why I feel so confused. This isn't normal.

  4. The awkward moment when a preschool kid invites you to play zombie! Sheesh. I wonder when he is going to meet snow white and sing baa baa black sheep. Another conversation:
    Kid: Teacher main ape? Banyak nyer colour..( I was playing diamond dash)
    Me: =) (yes I just smiled)
    Kid: bosan la teacher, main zombie/ Oum-bie ngan kite
    Me: =) (again)...........teacher tak suke
    Kid: knape? Teacher jom la, jom!
    Me: …...... * his friend came and they played oum-bie together*
    Happy ending!

  5. Many more horrible happenings..

I seriously can't take it ! Things are getting worse and FYI I don't like to sit and do nothing.

Perhaps tomorrow I have to locate their preschool and put up hours watching the kids' mischievous acts. Whatever it is, NO ZOMBIE2!

I hate my SBE. Period!

Renuka G