Friday, November 19, 2010

One Kind

There’s just one kind of folks in this world. I do truly agree with this notion by Harper lee in To kill A mockingbird. it can be translated in many ways but I choose one angle to  put spotlight on.

Taking a trip down the memory lane, we refresh the values we were instilled with when we were young. A vox populi explaining the world! Something that goes like this: there are good people and bad people in the world, the good people get a free ride to heaven while the bad ones will burn in hell! So be the good one.  This idea is instilled in each and every one of us when the word maturity itself is still alien, the only reason why this belief this persists! I'm not saying it is a wrong notion but allow me to make some amendments to it.

The world is not branched into good people and bad people but it is people with both good and bad sides. No one is delivered into this home of ours as a fully bad person or as a baby-forever man. Human body parts are paired so is human himself/herself. We are paired , two sides we possess, good side and bad side! Its like pros and cons in things, here it is personified.

Just like enzymes that triggers chemical reactions, circumstances take control here. It acts as an enzyme that results in the appearance of either the good side or the bad one. If you ask me whether it is voluntary , yes I suppose. It is of course done with ones conscious mind. My point is not that, what I'm trying to explain is there are no such notion as good people and bad people. We have both sides within us. So don’t be judgemental.

Yeah that is the point! Judgemental. People are being judgemental. Just because someone uses foul words we label them as bad and conclude and tie a ribbon that they are fully BAD. When someone goes to temple, we automatically set in mind that he/she belongs in the Good bunch, till the next day you see him/her in the pub. Then you re-label again. And it goes on..

Ever been labelled? Ever labelled someone yourself?  Everyone’s done both, sometimes it’s benign, sometimes it’s a good thing and sometimes it’s a bad thing.  It starts from an early age and continues through life. I remember being thought of not to label others but those who thought me do this labelling activity as well. Even I do that. I think it is human nature. And I think that if you are ‘aware’ you are doing it, you should try to stop. Nobody likes being put in a category. Well, this goes to me as well.
Treat people equally. Because we are all puppets moved by circumstances. So blame circumstances, no harm in that. When you blame people, when you label them, then  it hurts. Each of us are the same, we have the two sides, what makes a difference here is that how often we use one, and this is purely the fault of circumstances. 

So ya there is only one kind of folks in this world. The one and only kind with both good and bad side. Next time when you see people, label their sides not they themselves.

This is My good side.