Friday, November 12, 2010


Human ego often drives us into this i-think-I-know notion. Its more like a confident attitude of a human being of understanding or perceiving other people’s problems and hardships. Yup, hmm for instance  we look at our friend facing a death in her family and we go there standing aside with an i-know-how-it-feels attitude like we just get into their shoes and walked a decade with it enough to talk on how it feels to her. LAME as it sounds. Is it really possible and realistic to feel what others feel?  

Do we really know what we think we do?

Putting it simple, it might be friendship that is bothering A and B but B can’t say he know what is A going through because friendship is the common issue; cause, background, character, ways of dealing  yada yada , there is a bunch of uncommon things under this one issue of friendship! Just because A  and B are dealing with the same issue, they can’t be in each other’s shoes. Its totally different and the perception of knowing remains just a ‘perception’ and nothing beyond. A point to note here, We all look at other people 'from the outside'. The only person we really know 'from the inside' is ourselves and goodness knows, we often find that we don't know ourselves all that well, really! But we generally know ourselves a bit better than we know other people. But this didn't prevent us from acting as though we know all about them! Like what we are talking about right now
wanna try walking anyone??

 It is impossible to be in someone else’s shoes and claim we know it all, plus we don’t even know ourselves well! Don’t we?

Offering a shoulder? Ok this is another issue. I don’t believe in people coming into my live like an angel or what-so-ever you call it just to drown me in the river of sympathy when the water itself is plainly tears of mine. I don’t need, in fact we don’t need people to offer us a shoulder to cry or lean or sit or I don’t know. As I mentioned, we are different. The they-think-they-know bunch is  not for real! They don’t know. It is important for each and every individual to understand that we are different and we face the same yet  different problems and issues. The sole reason being we walk in our own shoes!

I'm not being emo, but realistic. You can’t sit there and claim you have the mutual feeling as the other party even though you had faced such problems a million times or know that person for decades long! Its like trying to drown in a pond, show me how?  Ok being optimistic, it might be that this bunch is trying to reach out to them and genuinely want to be there as a helping hand, shoulder to cry or whatever you call it as, yet there is no necessity to feel like ‘you-know’. At times people who claim they know are just momentary puppet moved by their emotions to pour out their experience of travelling on the same boat. It would be like the reunion of the sympathy seekers! At the end of the day, we just share miserable things, we cry even more, we often opt to decisions that are not authentically from our own brain and yeah shit happens thereafter. THE END!

Is this what we really want? The notion of perceiving that we know is often fake or more like an illusion. It is just a feeling inside us of wanting to share. Problems might look the same but as you get deeper its gonna be a total contrast to what you thought ‘you know’. People should understand that others can’t help them emotionally, consoling words are like boost to those who are drowning but hoping them to feel what you feel is impossible! So don’t expect nor claim!

Learn to solve your own problems, cz life is all about the changes and decisions you make. One day when your life flashes before you, make sure all you see is what YOU have done to be who you are at that sole moment! 

Have a Great day!!