Sunday, November 14, 2010

An End With a 'To b3 cOntiNUed..'

Wow its the end of Foundation programme!!! 1.5 years is OVER just like that. Can’t believe that tomorrow when i board my flight, I will only be back in 2011. Hmm in this 1 and half years I faced many ups and downs, things that changed my life and made decisions that would change my life forever. Next year when I step back to IPG I will be  a B.ed TESL student!! How exciting!! Its like I'm 19 and I will be doing my degree with no worries as there is a job waiting for me out there.

6 weeks of holidays to be enjoyed, gonna spoil myself to the max!! I got a list of movies to be watched, places to go, delicacies to indulge myself in, yada yada. Cant wait honestly!! There is no place like home and of course there is no place like my second home too. I'm soo gonna miss IPG, not literally IPG but more like the people here. My lovely friends!! Daily routine of waking up, walking in search of water, sleeping like nobody’s business, refreshing facebook over and over again, eating together in a room, talking with a ‘chicky’ voice, calling my friends with weirdo names ,saying HI for no reason, poking my friends etc etc. In short, I'm soo gonna miss this place for 6 weeks.
have a safe journey back home

For the first time in 1.5 years I will be going back without any stress, pending assignments, or anything perhaps. Everything is done at foundation level, so I'm going back just to enjoy and nothing less than that. Wow no more cold bath  in the morning nor evening, no more waiting in cafe, no more walks in search of water, no more giant nor mydin and lots more of no-more-s!!

From tomorrow onwards there is no need to nag Yen, shin Ee and ann jie anymore! My dad would be my new victim to nag! Haha soo bad of me. Gotta plan a great holiday with family, wanna go shopping to Malacca, then then ...more to come..

Ok gotta continue packing – hope tomorrow will turn a fine day for all of us! And Thank you my dearest TESL 2 classmates and my sweet cwit sisters in IPG for making this 1.5 years a meaningful one filled with lots and lotsa memorable stuffz!!! Renuka loves You ALL!!!!Adios---

some goodbyes are just to-be-continued...