Saturday, November 6, 2010

a JUST thingy

Sometimes I wonder, I wonder whether there is something wrong with me or its just what life offers me. A lot of things went wrong. I tried to reason all those things, not once or twice but so many times. I just couldn’t find why it had to be that way, the BAD way. At times, its like we are brought to situations where we just stand there, helpless. Something like a one way road. I find it hard, very hard in fact. When I look around I see, broken friendships, past relationships, friends turned enemy. I wonder why things got that worse. People I used to know seem to look so distinct, like I don’t even know them anymore.

It is true and it is a fact that people change, at times they change like for the worse and not the good.  Ok perhaps I should agree that the closer you get the uglier people look. Yup at far everyone look like just-perfect people with a just-perfect life! But the moment you put your steps forward, the view gets ugly. Its like an illusion which its code has been broken. All you can see is the real harsh truth. A ‘good’ you know might be equivalent to the ‘worst’ you have seen.  CHANGES..

But whatever it is, the important thing is you gotta be strong. Circumstances can drive us crazy  at times. Understand that there are too many/much of everything in the world. So there is no such thing as, a worry, a happy day, a friend, a job  yada yada. If you just stand there and complain, good things won’t come approaching you, neither do bad things. You gotta work things out, search for what you want, believe in changes and accept it, be prepared for the worst catastrophe, thank god for everything you have. 

When things get real hard, don’t hold your tears, cry out loud and the next moment make sure you walk like you will never fall. At times, life is all about what you believe. Something like the mind over matter thingy. Smile even at hard times, man can’t take too much of stress at once you see! Work your way out the problem. If at all it fails, believe there would be another chance and move on. Or you could remind yourself of the story of the fox and sour grapes, if you know. Don’t expect others to console you, people will be there to offer you or even shower you with sympathy. But that is not what you need! Stand up, be on your own. Learn to get through things by yourself. Life is all about being STRONG and having the courage to endure and let go.

Believe me, life is just a puzzle. One day each and every one of us will solve it but that ‘one day’ won’t come so fast. It takes a long journey which stuffs you with lots and lotsa experiences and maturity. Wait for the one day, till then tell yourself ‘Life-is –a –JUST-thingy!