Friday, December 3, 2010

Felicitous Life

Ok let me update about my holidays. OMG its freaking fun and kinda boring at certain point, hmm like ‘now’! now it makes sense why off a sudden I'm updating my blog right?? Haha so me...
the don't-know-what-to-do pose
Starting from where it all begins, the end of finals!! Later, I had to spend 3 long days in my hostel room for no reason as exams finished earlier and, we had to obey the rule of the no-words-to-describe IPG of not allowing students to go back prior to the real holiday date which  (which I forgot). Hmm the 3 boring days were killed by watching Ranbir Kapoor movies on youtube! *bliss*yet boring.. I watched his Wake up Sid, Ajab Prem Ki... to-long-to be-spelled and Raajneeti .  After all the cleaning of the mess in my room and packing, I finally get back home safely!!!

Curtain raised in kluang! Ok back home I once again went through 3 days of so-called imprisonment!! Hahaxx not literally that but sort of. But I got addicted to AXN Beyond ! I sailed smoothly for 3 days via watching this 1 channel!! It is way more interesting than AXN of course, not for the reason its HD but the shows and series are simply fabulous! Drop dead diva, Flipping out, the real housewives of NY, and the recently premiered; better off Ted just to name some. Oppss  I forgot to mention the reason for the ‘imprisonment’. Actually I had to wait for my sis to finish her exam and come back home. You know, family activities needs 4 ! I mean the whole family need to be involved.

Then I went to KL to get her stuffs and fetch her from UPM! And there comes the kick start of my real holidays! I went to the 2 most renown  malls in kluang, do I need to mention the names?? Not really for shopping but to buy gifts for my mom’s b-day and to catch movies.  And I suppose it is not shocking at all if I were to mention that I ended up buying a pair of sandals at vincci and some cosmetics at the bodyshop! The ecstasy is that everything is sponsored by MR.GS, my cute-cwit dad!! What a life....( this time I'm not sighing =) )

By the way, everything above happened a week ago! This week, this moment I'm just st
aying at home, once again sailing through the days accompanied by AXN BYD, Diva, Star World, MTV and a few more channels. Its is absolutely ok because I'm so HAPPY and PEACEFUL!!!! That’s the highlight.

Now on the shopping plans!! This Sunday I will be spending  2 days exploring Malacca!!! My favourite place to shop and look-see.. YiPPieeeee!! Roughly after  two weeks I will be heading to KL for another shopping spree! Honestly I cant wait!! Seriously I'm so freaking happy and excited of course.. 
<3 it short

Such a Felicitous Life I'm living..*in heaven* well not forgetting my new haircut, concave bob!! I'm loving my hair short!!! It looks neat and just-nice..