Sunday, December 12, 2010

WaNNa ArGue??

I’ve been wanting to write on my blog since the past so few weeks but I kept pushing away this feeling every time, not because I couldn’t find the time to write or didn’t have anything to write .it’s just that SO much has happened in the past weeks and such amazing things have happened that I didn’t want to do injustice to those events by trying to encapsulate them into a collection of inexpressive words. Ok let me proceed with my core purpose of logging in tonight!

ARGUMENTS and ARGUING. How far do you guys believe in this? Is it worth? 

wanna argue??? =pp
When I say ‘argue’ then of course it contrasts with confronting. Confronting belongs in more calm and peaceful genre while arguing is more about hosting a debate on an issue. Emotions are shot up to extreme levels at times in arguments.  To conclude in my way, I would say arguments leads to high BP while confronting ends in disappointments. Both seem pointless but confrontations look a little bit healthier.

Ok that was just about clearing the confusion between the word ‘confront’ and ‘argue’ which some presumed to have the same meaning or what-so-ever. Moving on, arguing? I believed each and every one of us had argued over something at a certain point in life. When we recall back those tensions and  harsh words and debates , do you think it is worth ? to be clear, did those arguments really resolved an issue or was it just a momentary zip-of-the-lips which sparked worse fires in future? And  a point to note,there is only two ways  an argument in a relationship could end, 1st the magical word of ‘sorry’ and 2nd ‘goodbyes’. How long do you think a SORRY can last? 1 week? 1 month? 6 months? Then back to square one. People do what they feel like doing regardless of what others feel about it.  This may sound harsh because, people call it ‘reality’. Conflict is not like mathematics. There is not always a solution waiting to be found and even if there is, how often does it a full-stop? A full-stop pulled down is what appears most ( I mean a comma (,)  )

to cry soon, if u think so..
In a situation where people are far more anxious to express their approval or disapproval what confides you a peaceful solution? So why argue? Many people are taught to lie to protect someone's feelings, here I suggest you to fake it! it may sound bad, harsh, mean or what-so-ever you call it but trust me this is the best-ever way I can suggest. Silence, it pays off. Of course you won’t solve an issue, but at least we save some hurt. Its my piece of mind that arguing and confronting are barely a scenario of emotional outburst. We feel dissatisfied and our mouth gets really itchy to voice out and finally everything just get blown out of proportions and we cry. 

Hmm peeking from the side of an optimistic thinker, maybe arguments could work ! but of course with a condition. The person or party you are arguing with should be tolerant and have the tendency to accept people’s views and opinions. Trust me, this is freaking hard!! Nowadays people wanna win and nobody wish to be in the noble shoes of the losers. We got our own self-pride,ego, dignity, yada yada that will certainly restrict us from jumping off those fences.

Do mercy to your body and health! Don’t create a worthless battle where everyone wants to fight and no hands wants to resolve!  Silence is golden, problems will fade in time, lets not make resolutions that flies with the wind and comes back as a catastrophe

Good Night =)