Sunday, December 26, 2010

SeARChinG is A Sin

It is amazing how every time I think my blogging days are over I bump into this place somehow or the other and end up composing a new blog post. Well, if nothing else, it at least proves I have what it takes to be in a long term relationship (which I’ll be in someday… or not). Anyway, so I don’t have any specific thing to talk about today, neither am I in the mood to go into self reflection or those kinds of serious things so I think I’m just going to make this post about my life updates. It’s important that everybody does that every once in a while in order to know where exactly we are in life. 

So I’ll start with my recent trip to KL for 3 days and 2 nights. I of course had a splendid shopping spree in a few malls there, to be exact; Pavillion and Suria KLCC. It was certainly my best shopping experience ever since I spend nearly one solid day in each mall. Hmm not really that ‘solid’, still obeying its operating hours =) I bought a great bag of my choice, a few occasional tops, shoes and a shirt for my dad’s birthday! Telling the truth, I didn’t fully explore those malls! Yet it was enough for me to finish nearly my 3 months allowance! We had a great stay at the Frasers ‘apartment. I would credit this place as the best of all other hotels and apartments I had stayed before!  Overall it was a kind of trip I would like to go once again!

Christmas =))
Curtain raised in Kluang. I started the routine of watching the series in AXN BYD. Not forgetting the latest movies I watched ; Aisha, the proposal, eat pray love and we are family! All those movies were simply awesome!! Hmm then comes Christmas. It was a great one as well. As usual I get to strike a pose with my Christmas hat. And I was pulling them off the whole day, even though I was just staying in most of the time. The childish me =)

I got another 5 days of holidays left to be enjoyed. And did I mention that I passed my finals?? Yes I did and thank god for his blessings =) LOVE YOU GOD.

Just felt like saying; You don’t have to be happy or be working towards happiness all the time, or even some of the times. It is not necessary. You can call your sad life a good life; you can live on the streets and not build yourself a house or have a family and call it a good life. Its all in your mind how you wish to calculate your well-being!