Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bye Bye 2

Someone wise or not wise I'm not sure, told me I have a career which will give me satisfaction every single day. And I still am searching for the truth behind his statement because I do feel satisfied everyday,but on the number of hours I get to sleep. I sleep in the staff room in the morning between classes, I sleep after school, I sleep at night. Apart from all the hitting the sack agendas, it's more like stress rather than satisfaction. Especially teaching grammar to year 3 kids who thinks grammar is their granma. Like seriously kids?

creative teachers :)

Having expressed all that should be, I think I'm glad tomorrow is the last day at the school I'm currently doing my 2nd practicals at. Phew! What a journey it was. Too much planning, too much stress, too much food, too many jamuans. God I'm a doraemon now! Yup, even a while ago I was gobbling a bowl of maggie while reading What kind of irony is that right? I so need to get back on the track.

Today me and 3 other friends completed the Self Access Learning Corner at school. Finally! We are VERY happy with the results. Hope the kids and the school will benefit from the space prepared. That's the closing ceremony for workload I guess. Tomorrow I'm just gonna do a little pot luck with the kids and call it a day.
You know it's my hand work when there's too many colours :p

Can't wait to go back to hostel as a student. And go home soon. It has been a long time since I last went home. So that's pretty much it. I'm proud of what I've become and I'm looking forward to more challenges .
Good luck to me.

Renuka G